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" You serve the best by doing what you love the most. "
                     ― Tamra Rahme

Tamra Rahme - Profile - Final copy_edite


Tamra Rahme

Tamra's journey from a law graduate in Mexico to a community liaison at the Mexican Consulate in Las Vegas has laid a unique foundation for her voiceover career. In 2010, she dove into voice acting, hosting live events, and presenting on a weekly radio show, quickly establishing herself in the field. Her versatile voice has been behind campaigns for big names like Lowe's, Subway, and McDonald's, proving her ability to captivate and connect with a wide audience. When she's not behind the mic, Tamra loves to cook, get lost in a good book, and immerse herself in new cultures through travel with her husband Julio and their daughter Alice Grace. It's this blend of rich life experiences and a genuine passion for storytelling that makes her voice stand out in any project.

Rober Lopez Calatayud - Audio Engineer and Spanish Voice Over Actor Final.webp

audio engineer

Robert López

Robert López, a Tecnológico de Monterrey graduate in audio engineering, brings a wealth of experience to audio recording and production, highlighted by his involvement in notable projects like "Angels Inc." on Amazon Prime Video and the mini-series "Los Tratados de Córdoba". With a deep passion for music, Roberto not only excels in engineering and production but also actively engages in songwriting and live performance. He is the founding member of the band Six Son's After, where he contributes as a songwriter and performer. Robert is actively seeking out new learning opportunities, attending workshops and classes led by respected audio engineers such as Alan Parsons and Sylvia Massy. He is an experienced and highly skilled audio engineer who focuses on delivering the best possible outcome for every project.

Julio Rivera - Spanish Voice Over Actor and Director


Julio Rivera

Bringing 30+ years of expertise in copywriting, producing, and voice recording to the table, Julio harnesses his fluency in both Spanish and accented English to create content that resonates across cultures. His extensive portfolio includes Honda, Timberland, and Coca-Cola, highlighting his capability to engage and captivate diverse audiences. His passion for voice acting was kindled in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, where his early exposure to recording studios and a vibrant career spanning radio, TV, and theater shaped him into a versatile and accomplished voice talent. Beyond the studio, Julio enjoys time with his family, and pursuing interests in music and travel. With academic achievements in Foreign Languages and Computer Sciences, Julio's multifaceted life enriches his professional endeavors, making him a unique and relatable voice in the industry.

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