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What Raiders’ move to Las Vegas means for Spanish Voice Over Talent

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, the entertainment capital of the world, has just added another diamond to its crown: the NFL Raiders!

The recent vote by NFL club owners to allow the move of the Raiders from Oakland to Las Vegas and the construction of a state of the art $ 1.7 billion stadium has set the city abuzz.

For people in the production and voice over world, there is great anticipation that business and work possibilities will significantly increase for event organizers, freelancers, video and audio producers as well as voice over talent.

From commercials and live announcer opportunities to in-stadium PA announcements (and everything in between), the possibilities seem pretty much endless for male and female (Spanish) voice over talent.

The Raiders’ proposed stadium will be on the south end of the strip. Mancia Architecture

Surely there will be a blitzkrieg media campaign before, during and after the Raiders move to Las Vegas, and the majority of it will be through video. The media and advertising world are increasingly producing massive amounts of video, which is increasingly being consumed more than any other medium according to adweek.

Most of these videos will probably have voice overs and that is great news for voice over artists all around!

Spanish voice over talent need to be ready and be proactive about reaching out to producers and ad agencies that will be creating that enormous amount of content. The time is now; to start investigating who these folks are and start building relationships with them, so that when the time comes you are on the top of their list.

We welcome the Raiders to Las Vegas! And we thank them, their loyal fans and the NFL for all the business influx that they will bring to our great city!

We at Spanish Voice Over Experts are ready to get the Spanish speaking community engaged and thrilled to be part of Raiders Nation!

¡ Vivan Los Raiders!

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