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How do you become a Spanish voice actor?

To become a Spanish voice actor, you must be fluent or proficient in Spanish and possess the ability to deliver lines with (or without) emotion and intonation with good articulation and enunciation.

So if you have been wondering "How do I get into voice acting with no experience?"

 You can begin by taking the following actions:

1. Take acting classes: You need to be able to deliver lines with feeling, expression, and personality. Improvisation, acting and voice over classes with an experienced and qualified coach or mentor (like our good friend Melissa Moats and the fabulous team at The Voice Actors Studio), will make you a well rounded, proficient voice over actor. 

2. Learn about the business side of a voice acting career; it will help you understand about billing, marketing, and staying competitive. Other great resource, specific for Spanish voiceovers, is Gravy for Brain - LATAM, owned by our dear and beloved Rona Fletcher (La SuperLocutora).

3. Build your portfolio: In order to demonstrate your voice acting abilities to potential clients, you must have a collection of your best work. By recording yourself reading several types of content, including commercial scripts, movie trailers, corporate narrations and radio and TV ad scripts, you can make a demo reel that will showcase your voice and talent. 

4. Contact an agency: An agent can assist you in locating voice acting jobs and he/she/them will also help you with negotiating contracts at industry rates (SAG-AFTRA pay scale for instance). Make sure that you find and are represented by an  agent who has a solid reputation in the agent who has a solid reputation in the

5. Participate in as many voice over auditions as possible, that is usually how most voice over jobs are obtained. You can look for auditions by contacting casting directors directly, visiting voice acting courses, voice over sites, or contacting regional talent agencies.

6. As with any skill, voice acting requires practice and effort in order to become successful. By enrolling in acting classes and looking for chances to audition for voice acting jobs, you will continue honing your abilities and feeling more comfortable doing different type of voice overs. 


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