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Voice Over Scripts for Spanish Speaking Audiences; Should I Use Google Translate or Not?

Google Translate is used widely for translating text, ad copy and websites across different languages. It can,indeed, be a helpful tool for connecting with people who speak a different language or for quickly translating a document in a foreign language.

However, Google Translate is not always correct. Machine translation is not perfect and occasionally generates translations that are off or misleading. This is especially true for languages like Spanish that have intricate grammar and vocabulary.

For instance, the English idiom: "beating about the bush," which refers to avoiding discussing a subject directly, is translated by Google as "golpeando alrededor del arbusto," even though the literal, word for word translation is correct, the meaning does not make sense at all because that idiom is not used in the Spanish speaking culture.

Please keep in mind that language and culture are tightly related, and that translations from one language to another can lose context or meaning (as in the example above). This is particularly true for cultural references and idioms, which can be challenging to translate effectively (unless you know and understand the idiosyncrasies of the destination language).

If you take a Google Translation of your script (or any other document) as good without reviewing it or consulting with a native speaker, you run the risk of confusing your audience and even offending them!

Please do yourself a big favor and don't Use Google Translate and assume it will produce accurate translations. As we mentioned earlier, it's helpful for rough drafts. However, you should never use it to deliver a "final product".

Google Translate should only be used as a starting point, please ask a native speaker or a certified translator for assistance if you have any questions about the translation. Here at Spanish Voice Over Experts, we'd be glad to help you deliver a professional script, that will communicate your message accurately to its intended audience.


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